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2010年 Penspinning World Cup 2010 出場
2011年 Penspinning World Tournament 2011 出場
2014年 World Juggling Day in 山形 コンテスト優勝
2015年 World Juggling Day in 青森 JJS2位
2017年 HOGONO EXPO 世界ハイパフォーマンス王選手権 優勝
2018年 Spinfest Galashow出演
2018年 Melbourne Juggling Convention Gala show出演
 〃   Pen Spinning Olympic 2018 Power trick部門 2位
2019年  JapEn15th ゲスト出演

Extreme Serikawa(Hiroki Japan) Profile

I started pen spinning when I was a junior high school student. And I participated in the pen spinning world cup twice when I was a high school student. I belonged to a street performance club in univercity. Then I started juggling and decided to be a street performer. In 2018, I trained for busking in Brisbane, Australia(as known as Hiroki Japan). And in 2019, I'm based in Bifuka city to progress my work and skill.

2010 Pen Spinning World Cup 2010
2011 Pen Spinning World Tournament 2011
2014 World Juggling Day in Yamagata 1min contest 1st prize
2015 World Juggling Day in Aomori Jugling JAM Sesson 2nd prize
2017 HOGONO EXPO high performance conest 1st prize
2018 Spinfest 2018 Gala
2018 Melbourne Juggling Convention 2018 Gala
2018 Pen Spinning Olympic Power trick(2nd prize)

2019 JapEn15th guest